Farmers as catalyst for community innovation

Community innovation presentation by Ukashetu Tanko

The young community innovators -YCI program in Tamale came to a close on Saturday, 28th October, 2017. The community Innovation team comprising YCI Participants and community members from Gumbihini in Tamale, came up with an integrated solution dubbed “Magsomsin” literally meaning “We help ourselves”. Magsomsin, is an integrated project comprising harnessing the key asset of Gumbihini in Tamale by way of building the capacity of their vegetable cooperative to be economically viable and thus establish a household toilet scheme for every member household to impact the entire community positively in the area of addressing sanitation challenges by way of limited household toilets.

Member of the farmer cooperative in Gumbihini

By developing the household toilet component, diseases and public health risks can be tackled making use of local resources by way of a thriving vegetable cooperative. If all members of the cooperative have, safe and hygienic toilets, it will go a long way to reduce address micro-bacterial diseases, reiterated by Aminu Auwal, a participant of the program. Ussiv Mahama and Ukanshetu both participants, stressed on the opportunities to work with members of the Gumbihini community to make design thinking for social innovation and asset based community development approach paving the way for communities to ‘own interventions’ rather than the reverse.This enabled them to be able to map community assets to the major challenges of limited household toilets and the plastic menace.

Centre for Social Innovations – CSI, will work closely with the community innovation team to implement their action plan and build sustainable community partnerships including partners outside the community but undertake direct work with community members, Such entities include, the Bonzali Bank, Sinapi Aba, Opportunities International among others.

Thank you for your continued support. The YCI Train next moves to Wa (5-9 Nov) and Navrongo (23-26 Nov)

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