Tiffany Fourment, International Partnerships Specialist


Tiffany Fourment is an environmental education, outreach and communications specialist with a MSc in Education for Sustainability and a strong belief in the power of creativity and community-based problem solving. She has worked with community development and education NGOs and schools in Cameroon and Costa Rica, helped build a start-up company that provides fundraising and other resources to international volunteers, and collaborated with a group that works for innovation in education through the principles of Design Thinking.

Tiffany believes that there is something to learn from everyone she meets, and that an appreciation for that perspective could lead to many great changes in our global communities. She embraces that idea in her love of travel and exploring new places. In fact, Tiffany just emigrated from Colorado, U.S.A. to Annecy, France. While she has a lot of exploring to do in her new home, she is also excited that it brings her that much closer to Africa, to where she will return as soon as possible.

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